Lynn Steigleder is pleased to introduce his first novel, Rising Tide. The Rising Tide series envelopes the mystery of creation with the challenges of survival. His first novel named after the series (Rising Tide) has been described by readers as a combination of Christian fantasy bordering on science fiction with a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure. As Lynn puts it, he is a "Sci-fanstery" writer! (Yes, creating his own language is a hobby that often shows up in his writings).

In Rising Tide, Ben Adams, a solitary diver, finds himself suddenly adrift in an endless ocean unable to make contact with any living being and without provisions to sustain life. Suddenly his decompression chamber, the Orion, is hit---no, it's fused, to a cargo ship manned by four unsavory characters. The Captain and his three man crew "rescue" Ben from the isolation of the ocean but he is yet to determine if this was good luck or misfortune. Ben has the sense that he is destined to be in this place at this time but he has no idea why. As he unravels the mystery of who or what is behind the events of this seemingly accidental encounter, he discovers the Key to his future and the love of his life.

As events become more mysterious, Ben and his companions struggle with personal temptations and the perils of evil surrounding them. Through periods of growth, they learn to lean on each other and the guidance of those who have a closer understanding of the Great One.