About Lynn Steigleder

Lynn Steigleder resides with his wife, Donna, in rural Virginia. He has three children, all of whom are grown and out on their own, leaving him an "empty nester." Throughout his life, Lynn has been active in his church both in choir and as part of a praise band. His Christian faith is the stronghold of his life and the guiding force behind his writing.

Lynn was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in November 2006. While this diagnosis has brought change to his life, he forbids it to interfere with his commitment to his family and his faith, keeping active with both and using it as a catalyst for his creativity. Within two months of being diagnosed with MS, he received notice that his company was abolishing his department. While the thought of losing his job and leaving his employer of 16-years was daunting, the opportunity to become self employed and begin his own drafting business was exciting.

The idea to begin writing actually surfaced from a comment made by his son during a fishing trip. Lynn had written short stories off and on for fun for several years. His son, in college at the time and interested in journalism himself, challenged Lynn to try writing professionally. At first Lynn tinkered with some short stories, but he soon had an idea for a book. The writing bug bit him and off he went into the world of Rising Tide.

With the down turn in the economy, drafting work came to a halt but this was a mixed blessing. While the income from his former job and the limited drafting projects was appreciated, the lack of customers has given Lynn plenty of time to devote to his writing. He has found a joy in immersing himself in the world of Ben Adams and in finding out where in the world Ben will go next in his quest for the Great One.